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A dynamic field service software company asked us to be at the intersection of technology and marketing for their company, which gave us a unique perspective on how their product development could be used to market their software to their industry.

One of our primary deliverables was to get demos of their product. This meant not only understanding technical aspects of their software, but also understanding the problems in their market that drive a customer to need their solution.

We engaged in a range of activities, from conducting client demos to collaborating closely with developers, sales teams, and marketing experts. This cross-functional project encompassed business analysis, technical project management, involving collaboration among diverse teams.

We are more than just a marketing company. We believe that knowing everything helps us do anything. We go above and beyond and are dedicated to delivering results that align with business objectives. And it’s that problem-solving marketing for this software company that created a pipeline of new leads and client demos that ultimately led to new clients.

We embraced Agile methodologies with a focus on delivering value in each sprint (although we occasionally employed a waterfall approach at the project’s inception). Our workflow primarily adhered to a Kanban style, managed through Trello. Our years of experience with these methodologies has given us valuable insights into optimizing project management and ensuring a smooth marketing and promotion process.

Our passion for helping to market our customers is a driving force behind our decision to help clients and their customers. We’ve found that direct client interaction provides unparalleled clarity, to understand their needs, and to translate those insights into product marketing improvements.

Our background as an IT & Marketing Product Marketer, along with our experience working closely with clients, equips us with a unique blend of technical and market-centric skills. We believe that our expertise can be instrumental in driving your company’s product marketing strategy, enhancing customer satisfaction, and achieving your business objectives.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can contribute to your team’s success further. Please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience. We look forward to working together to achieve exceptional results in software marketing.