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Organic skincare company, Clary Collection, makes effective, powerful, comforting, healing, calming and safe herbal skin care. They hired Market Jack to do theme updates that included replacing the deprecated Shopify Reviews App and adding a subtitle in the H2 tag on their product pages to increase their SEO rankings.

Their product pages had H1 tags for the title, but they didn’t have an H2 tag, so Market Jack created a product metafield for a subtitle and then referenced it in the code, just under the H1 tag for the title. This gave the store owner, Jen Goodall, the ability to add descriptive keywords like “organic olive balm” just under the title of the product.

One of Clary Collection’s missions is to support their local community by reducing their carbon footprints. Their small team of women handcrafts each product, honoring the time-honored tradition of herbalism, and prioritizing quality and consistency by crafting products in small batches. Market Jack is happy to support that mission.

If you’re an organic skincare company like Clary Collection who uses Shopify for ecommerce and is looking for someone to help you maintain your store, products, and themes, consider contacting us. We are Shopify experts who have experience optimizing Shopify websites and have experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing.