eCommerce Consulting Services

eCommerce Consulting Services

We provide a range of eCommerce consulting services on a per-project or ongoing program basis.

You want someone to help you get set up with ecommerce.

You have physical goods you sell in-person (or in-store) and you want to also (or instead) sell them online in your own store like Shopify, BigCommerce, or Squarespace, and/or on a marketplace like Amazon, Faire, or Etsy.

You want someone to help you expand your sales channels.

You already sell B2C online from your own store and want to begin selling B2B or to start selling your products on other marketplaces or social channels like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok – or on collaborative commerce platforms like Carro, Handshake, or Shopify Collective.

You want someone to help you optimize your sales channels.

You already have all of the platforms set up the way you want, you just want to sell more on each platform. You want someone to help you increase conversions, average order value, retention rates, and ultimately revenue.

You want someone to help you manage your operations.

You want someone to help you run your ecommerce store and/or marketplace, someone to help you manage products, promotions, orders, apps, and integrations – and merchandise collections.

What We Do

We don’t do everything, because we focus on what we’re good at. For the rest, we have referral partners.

  • eCommerce Setup – new B2C or B2C storefronts or marketplaces, customized themes, and product imports.
  • Sales Channel Expansion – new integrations with online B2B/B2C marketplaces and/or social selling channels.

  • eCommerce Optimization – continuous improvement of ecommerce platforms for the purpose of revenue growth.

  • Store Operations – ongoing product management, promotions, merchandising, and order management.
  • Analytics & Reporting – we can provide you with a variety of reports on sales by product, inventory, and traffic.

  • Graphic and Web Design – we can help you pick a theme and customize it, and we can help you with graphic or web design.

  • Custom Web Development – we can do everything from theme development to other web development needs.

  • Advertising & Marketing Campaigns – we can help you get setup and integrated, and help you run campaigns.
  • Order Fulfillment – we can help you manage orders and integrate with your shipping software in order to do fulfillment.
  • Finances & Taxes – we can help you get integrated with financial & tax software and offer business consulting services.
Product strategy

We help you design products and offers to get more out of your marketing efforts by ensuring they convert.

Marketing Consulting

We create a system to amplify your offers in a way that consistently delivers traffic for conversions.

product management

We continuously manage marketing channels, looking for ways to optimize and expand to grow sales.

B2B and B2C Business Solutions

Our services align people, processes, and technology in an integrated marketing system that helps your company market your products and services in a systematic and sustainable way.

Marketing Strategy

Help crafting a marketing system that is sustainable and an offer that can be used in coordination with future marketing efforts.

Channel Development

Help leveraging your existing products and services across multiple distribution and marketing channels from commerce to media.

Product Management

We help analyze what is working and continue to refine in a continuous improvement cycle. We help you create a sustainable system.

Marketing Consulting

Help developing a go-to-market strategy for your products and offers using marketing channels and inbound marketing techniques.

System Integrations

Help integrating various systems in order to leverage the products or services on other marketplaces or marketing channels.

Program Management

Manage the products and marketing system, combining functional expertise in sales, marketing, and product management.

Our pricing plans


$1000 / MO

One project at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.

  • One project at a time

  • One sprint a month

  • One meeting a month

  • Pause or cancel anytime

Most popular

$2000 / MO

One task at a time, but multiple projects. Pause or cancel anytime.

  • One task at a time

  • Multiple projects at a time

  • One meeting a week

  • Pause or cancel anytime


$5000 / MO

Multiple tasks and projects at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.

  • Multiple tasks at a time

  • Multiple projects at a time

  • One meeting a week

  • Pause or cancel anytime

  • Commerce Services

e-Commerce Storefront & Marketplace Management

Commerce software, solutions, and consulting services to manage and optimize your products across various marketing channels.