Categories: eCommerce

As an experienced (10+ years) e-commerce site manager and coordinator who has recently worked with enterprise-level brands such as NBCU, Netflix, Bausch & Lomb, Sports Illustrated, and Juicy Couture, we are highly technical and can assist in the development and management of your Shopify+ site and the rest of your e-comm tech stack.

We’ve worked with Shopify, Asana, GA4, Figma, and Google Drive; and have a strong understanding of Shopify management and product data feeds. We’ve onboarded over 200 vendors a year and added over 2000 products a year. We’ve managed over $65M a year in sales and was responsible for managing the team and the site changes.

Our Capabilities

  • We manage all aspects of Shopify stores from adding/editing products and collections to promotions and integrations. We can manage your feeds from Salsify and to Google Shopping and Facebook/Instagram.
  • We can assist in the development and management of our Shopify+ site and the rest of our e-commerce tech stack. We are fluent across Shopify, Asana, GA4, Cin7 (IMS), Figma, and Google Drive.
  • We can set up and edit products in Shopify including descriptions, details, images, tagging, review grouping and testing; and assist with Meta Shop maintenance through the creation of supplementary feeds and product tagging.
  • We will merchandise collections to optimize for product click through and conversion; and use page analytics to inform optimizations of lower converting products; as well as overall site project management.

Curious to learn more? Don’t be afraid to research us and ask lots of questions. We’re here to help.