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If you are looking for a highly motivated individual to take on the role of Shopify Store Manager / project manager for your commerce brand(s), consider Market Jack. E-commerce companies looking for an experienced store manager to manage their orders, products, and marketing in their Shopify Store(s) have trusted us for those roles.

What We Do

  • Shopify setup: Setup process to get your website online, there is so many details that needed to make it officially live, you need to break it down, and connect everything for us.
  • Online marketing: Actions to increase web traffic, conversion rates, Conversion funnels average order value – Email Marketing (Mailchimp) – Facebook shops, Instagram connectivity & shop Sell online through multiple channels. – Improve Google listing and search advertising -Set up all Marketing Campaigns Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Google shopping and much more to drive traffic and sales.
  • Social media setup with your website, management & advertising: social media is now one of the most important keys to success, help you connect it to the website, make it available on all social media and boost it with specific ads that target our own niche. also you can manage your social media, posts & stories with photography & videos to our products lifestyle images that will attract more people to your brand.
  • eCommerce consulting: e-commerce would look easy from distance, but in day-to-day operation thing will be a little more confusing, with sales and reports, financial complications, from fraud orders to forecasting your finances or even pitch your idea to investors.
  • Shopify Web Design: We have our new website but may need to update / develop update current website and all of this to the best possible conversion rate & speed.
  • Product management & photography: one of the most important keys to success and the first step in your e-commerce is to get great high-quality photos for your products and get your own style to present to customers.
    Google Analytics, Adwords, Google shopping, Tag Manager. PPC/Ads.
  • Analytics & reporting: Provide with up-to-date reports on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis to assure that their Amazon / Shopify store is taken care of with minimal supervision.

Market Jack can consult with you to help you achieve your e-commerce goals.