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A client recently asked:

Do you know how to create a Shopify (not Google Analytics), but a Shopify report that shows best to worst product page conversion rates?

On the report, “Online store conversions”, add in the column “Landing page path” and then sort by “Conversion rate”, but you might want to export to Excel and then filter out the checkout pages there first – or sort by Sessions and then conversion rate to give you the highest trafficked page with the highest conversion rate.

Also, if filtering by month, change the sample to “Monthly” so that the data aggregates in relation to the reporting – else you’d have to join the dates in Excel using a pivot table.

Unsure where to find the “Online store conversion over time” report in Shopify? It’s a behavior report in Settings > Analytics > Reports, but you can manually type it in by adding /reports/online_store_conversion to the end of your admin URL.